Monday, August 11, 2003

Bad Kharma - or how to do a complete reset on a Nokia 3650

I may be in the wrong business. It seems I have more than my fair share of problems related to computer hardware. I just got a new PDA. It worked for a day. Then it stopped synching with my laptop - or rather the laptop stopped recognizing the PDA. I also just got a new Nokia 3650. Haven't had time to play with it much, but I noticed today that whenever I made a call, it would tell me that call forwarding was activated. Ok. How do you turn that off? Well you go to the tools menu, and select the call forwarding option. Says so in the help. Says so in the manual. Says so on the web. Uh - I don't have a Call Forwarding option in the Tools menu. So I tried to do a Complete Phone Reset. Still no luck. Guess I have to visit a T-Mobile store...


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