Sunday, June 27, 2004

"Yahoo" is right

ya·hoo (yäh, y-) n. pl. ya·hoos A crude or brutish person. See Synonyms at boor.
Stay far, far away from the Charlie Foxtrot that is SBC Yahoo! In the ongoing saga of trying to extradite my Yahoo userid from the clutches of SBC, the mindless goons have decided to cut me off. What's worse - because my wife's account was linked to mine, she's cut off too:
You can continue to use your original Yahoo! ID. You no longer have access to the SBC Yahoo! Internet services because your account has been cancelled by . You can still use your original Yahoo! ID to access personal information such as Mail, Address Book, and Messenger friends. Your subscription to a la carte Premium Services, if any, will resume under your Yahoo! ID . Choose "Continue" to begin using your original Yahoo! ID now.
Ok - I'm pressing Continue
Your SBC Yahoo! Sub Account has been suspended You have been restricted from access to any SBC Yahoo! Internet services by the Master Account (). If your Sub Account (peroskar) is not reactivated by the Master Account () , it will be cancelled. Once the account is cancelled, the settings, personalized information and any a la carte Premium Services associated with your SBC Yahoo! ID will be deleted, unless you had combined your existing Yahoo! ID with your SBC Yahoo! ID. Only Master Account ID () is able to reactivate your account. Please have Master Account ID () login and go to 'My Account' to reactivate.
OK - only problem is I AM trying to log in with my master account. Except SBC/Yahoo thinks my master account is () (yeah - nothing)

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