Friday, November 18, 2005

ReSharper Build 210

Download ReSharper Build 210 here. Hope some of the more annoying bugs have been fixed...


  • 'Context Actions' introduced - similar to Quickfixes but not related to errors or warnings, available in specific places of code:
    • 'Use string.Format()' - works on concatentation of 2 or more strings (where at least one is literal)
    • 'Split into 2 if's' - works on '&&' in compound if-operator condition
    • 'Merge 2 if's' - currently works on condition of a nested if-operator
  • Type Hierarchy. Use View | Type Hierarchy (Ctrl+Alt+H) on a type to view it
  • Refactorings: Option to not open all affected files (no undo in this case!)
  • Parameter info: option to switch between signatures with arrow keys (as in VisualStudio native's intellisense)
  • 'Reformat Code' without the dialog shown: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F
  • Option to switch of Ctrl-Click navigation
  • Option to switch off identifiers coloring in editor
  • Live Templates: macros to invoke code completion

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