Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Idea: Truly Anonymous Search

Ok - so this is goofy, but in the light of the AOL fiasco, it's worth considering:

Create simple wrappers around Google, Yahoo, and Live - call them Anonymoogle, Anonymahoo and Anonymive, etc. (all three .com domains are available) - utilizing the respective sites' API. (Start with free versions, then go with ads to support paying for additional queries if things take off.)

Keep it simple, don't try to add features beyond those of the original site - the only point here is anonymity. Since every search will originate from the same site there'll be no way to tell 2 searchers apart. Of course a privacy policy of not tracking the users of the anonymous sites will have to be strictly adhered to.

Shouldn't take more than a few hours of real coding. If nothing else it could spur some minor interest in the topic, and some cease and desist letters from the search giants' lawyers, which would only stir more interest in the blogosphere.



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