Sunday, September 17, 2006

Testing Frank's Technorati Tag Live Writer Plugin

UPDATE (09/19/06): Frank updated his plugin, and addressed two of my three issues.  As for the third, let me quote Frank:

The first time I went to enter "Richmond, VA" into the text box; I realized that using comma's as a field delimiter has certain drawbacks.

Hence, I made semi-colon the delimiter.

I guess that's fair - I'll deal with it.


Frank La Vigne, one of my new coworkers at AIS wrote a Live Writer plugin that allows you to tag your posts with Technorati tags.  So naturally I decided to try it out.   Below are some comments:

The Good:

  • It works (as is evident by this post.)
  • It's convenient, with a simple pop-up available form both the Insert menu and the Insert action pane group
  • Easy to install, just download, and extract into the plugin folder

The Bad:

  • You have to enter the tags separated with a semicolon.  Why semicolon?  I can understand not using space (though I'm used to that from, but why not comma?
  • There's no icon for the menu item

The Ugly:

  • The dialogs title says Insert Hello World.  Uhm - how about Insert Tags?

All in all a good job, just in need of some simple polishing.

Via Russ Stalters' BetterECM.


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