Thursday, October 26, 2006

If you have an interest in politics...

...and polls then I highly recommend, a site originally created to track the electoral votes of the 2004 presidential election (with great success as it became the most popular polling site of the '04 campaign).  The site now tracks U.S. Senate and Congressional races, basing it's daily prediction on state polls - and never silly national polls like the media seems addicted to.  The prediction as of today is that the GOP retains control of the senate (just barely), but loses the house (by a substantial margin).

The site is run by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, a U.S. computer science professor living and teaching in the Netherlands, he has the honor of having created MINIX, which Linus Torvalds used as a basis for a certain more known operating system.  While Tannenbaum is most certainly a democrat, he is generally true to the facts - and he doesn't skew poll numbers like other votemasters are wont to do.

As I did in the 04 race, I'll add the predictions of the day to the right side of this blog, for all my 7 daily visitors to see.




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