Friday, June 18, 2010

Re: Swype on my Droid

... Oops. And that's what happens when you try to post from your phone using a brand new input device.  As I was saying it reminds me of back in the day when I had a handspring (palm) and I had to learn graffiti. Everything is familiar, yet so very Very different. I don't think I am yet back up at the same speed re that I was at before I switched, but part of that is me simply not trusting myself that I actually know where the letters are on the keyboard (I Do, Really!), and part is simply trusting Swype to do what it is supposed to do, which it does remarkably well, most of the time. (ironically typing, er, swyping that last sentence was quite difficult...).

What is particularly impressive about swype is how amazingly sloppily you can draw the path over the letters and how swype still figures out what you're trying to spell. I assume that when I start trusting both myself and swype more, I won't want to go back, and when I do, I still have my droid slide out keyboard.


On Jun 18, 2010 9:24 PM, "Oskar Austegard" <> wrote:

I installed the Swype beta the other day on my Droid, and today made it my default keyboard. It's been an interesting experience, figuring out how to use a completely new input device. In many ways it remind s me


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