Monday, February 23, 2004

CodeSmith 2.5 released

I've become addicted to CodeSmith. It is just sooo much more gratifying to spend a couple of hours or days in one single block of time to write a template than it is to sporadically, but repetitivley, spend 10-15 minutes doing the same damn thing. In the long run, I also do end up saving time. Here are some of my own templates:
  • StoredProcWrapper - strongly typed wrapper around a stored procedure call using the MS DAAB and optionally NullableTypes
  • CRUDProcs - Create, Read, Update and Delete stored procedures based on a database table
  • StoredProcedureDescriptions - Extracts inline comments and add them to the Extended properties of stored procedures and their parameters
  • AddDropColumn - Add or drop a column from one or more tables

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