Monday, June 28, 2004

Held hostage to my desk by Yahoo! Customer Service

I'm being held hostage at my desk, listening to Yahoo Customer Service's "All Agents are busy at this time, please continue to hold". It took about 10 minutes to talk to the first person, about 5 minutes to explain the situation to her, 5 minutes waiting for her to see who to forward me to, then another 2-3 minutes to wait for the next person, who within a minute decided to put me on hold for a supervisor. 71 minutes and counting.. At what point do I give up?

Apparently 78 minutes is the magic number.

Melissa is a very friendly but completely unyielding supervisor in the Yahoo! Billing department. According to her, SBC failed to unmerge my account back when I cancelled my DSL (or rather - I failed to have SBC unmerge the accounts) and now since I cancelled the Continuation service (which no longer is available, by the way) I agreed, according to the original contract, to have my account deleted.

Never mind that the account is still there, that she (and any other Yahoo! employee) can get access to the account - I can't be allowed access. It's a matter of policy, and there is no supervisor that I can talk to.

My only recourse, Melissa informs me, is to send a letter to Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel.

Great. My wife will be very happy to hear that the CEO of a $48.05 billion company has time to take interest in our "free" email accounts.

At least I now know what to use my Gmail account for.

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