Thursday, August 12, 2004

Updated StoredProceduresDescription CodeSmith Template

I updated my StoredProceduresDescription CodeSmith template that Eric has included in the CodeSmith samples. The changelog since the version included in the program download is as follows:

Mar 15 '04 by Oskar Austegard
- Fixed bug in parameter regular expression that stopped looking for parameter comments when it encountered the snippet 'as' even in a comment. Also refactored the RegEx strings themselves to be more readable
Aug 11 '04 by Oskar Austegard
- Fixed bug that failed to escape single-quotes (') in comment strings.
- Fixed bug that failed to create drop statements for Descriptions containing only empty strings:
Replaced check for !Description.Equals(String.Empty) with ExtendedProperties["MS_Description"] != null

Get it here

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