Monday, October 25, 2004

The Separate Realities of Bush and Kerry Supporters

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"The Program on International Policy Attitudes, affiliated with the University of Maryland, released a poll finding that supporters of President Bush and Democrat John F. Kerry were divided not just by their views but also by the facts"
Some numbers:
Did Iraq have WMD? Bush Supporters: 72%, Kerry Supporters: 26%
Was Iraq directly involved in 9/11 or lend strong support to Al-Qaeida?: B: 75%, K: 30%
World opinion of US having gone to war with Iraq:
- Majority favors: B: 26%, K: 5%
- Evenly divided: B: 42%, K: 20%
- Majority opposes: B: 31%, K: 74%

Scary stuff. I'm with Andy Rooney:

"...if you people watching tonight have some dumb friends, do yourself a favor and encourage them not to get out and vote. "



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