Tuesday, October 25, 2005

and then there is ReSharper build 208...

Hopefully this is more stable than 207 (which was only slightly better than the unusable 206): Download - New Features:
  • Ctrl-Mouse click jumps to declaration (the same as Ctrl-B but with the mouse)
  • Code Completion: option to autopopup on typing
  • Refactoring: Pull Members Up
  • Refactoring: Push Members Down
  • Refactoring: Move Static Members
  • Unit Test support: button to build necessary sources
  • Unit Test support: NUnit categories support
  • NAnt&MSBuild files support:
    Highlighting of unknown properties, targets, tasks and their attributes (with quickfixes)
    File Structure and File Structure Popup (Ctrl-F12)
    Alt-Up/Down navigates between targets
    Ctrl-Shift-/ to comment/uncomment block
  • Ctrl-N(Ctrl-Shift-N): Tab completes common prefix of items in the list
  • ASP support: Ctrl-W in ASP files
  • Parameter Info: option to show one signature at time (as in the native Visual Studio's parameter info)

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