Monday, December 12, 2005

JetBrains ReSharper Build 211

Jetbrains just released build 211 of ReSharper. Hopefully they fixed some more bugs along with adding the features below:
Build 211
* Editor: highlighting of caret row
* Extract Class from Method Parameters refactoring
* Generating Equals and GetHashCode method implementations (via Alt-Insert popup)
* Implement members: ability to generate fields for implemented properties
* Implement members: option to generate explicit (private) implementations
* Implement members: additional treatment of ISerializable interface
* NAnt build files: completion for tags and attributes
* Ctrl-N: auto-switch to searching in libraries when no matching type found in solution
* Obsolete attribute is taken into account by code highlighting and intellisense
* Context action for changing visibility modifier (available on visibility modifier keyword)
* Context action for splitting local variable declaration and initialization
* Context action for joining local variable declaration and initialization
* Context actions for converting implicit interface member implementation into explicit and vice versa
* Context action for navigating implementations (overriding members) of particular interface (class) in this class's bases list
* Code completion: option to not narrow down list of suggestions (as in VS intellisense)

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