Thursday, February 16, 2006

.NetTiers - all grown up

.NetTiers is an awesome CodeSmith template suite for generating Data Access Layers (as well as BLL and webservice stubs). I had some VERY limited involvement early on in this project, in the sense that some of my templates were used as the basis for parts of the project. I'm not claiming any more credit than that - but it's fun to find my name in the code...

Eric J. Smith (the creator of CodeSmith) wrote a great article and also created a video tutorial on how to use .NetTiers to Build a Data Access Layer in less than 15 minutes. Actually, once the code is downloaded and intalled and the proper settings are made, it takes the tool much less time - only 1 minute 45 seconds to generate the DAL, BLL and WS layer for our database with 100 tables.

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