Friday, September 22, 2006

Testing Word 12 as a Blog Editor

So I'm typing this in Word 12 B2TR after having added as a blog account.


  • You can publish to multiple types of blogs, including SharePoint (2007 – I don't know what other blog clients can publish to SharePoint).
  • It's sort-of WYSIWYG (see concern below).
  • UPDATE: It does a good job of keeping the HTML clean.
  • UPDATE: It's easy to edit prior posts
  • UPDATE: You can do all sorts of fancy formatting quite easily – (duh – it's Word).


  • Windows Live Writer does a much better job of WYSIWYG – Word doesn't pull in any of the blog's styles.
  • You can't tab from the Title to the body

In general, other than that Word is a familiar interface, and there's some benefit to having a blog editor "right there", I don't see this as an attractive option to LiveWriter, or your blog's default editor. Good for quick notes, though, or for publishing something you already have in Word format.

I see where this has its place. I think I'll still use LiveWriter for most of my posts, but if I'm already in Word and want to jot a quick note, or I have something complex I want to put up, then this is a good tool to use. And I WILL use it with SharePoint.

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