Friday, May 18, 2007

Ain't that Purty

This morning my boss forwarded an email I'd sent him to our client.  My email was essentially just a spreadsheet that my boss had sent me earlier for review, where I had simply changed the page layout, set print margins, repeated headers across pages, etc.  All the stuff that seem almost silly to waste time on when what you really only care about is the content.  In other words I had made it purty.

And so I said as much in my email.  "Here it is, all purty in print."

And my boss forwarded the email, unedited.

No harm done I guess, but I am wondering if our client's India-born-and-raised PM will know what on earth "purty" is all about.  So I decided to make sure Purty was defined in the Wikipedia, in case he decided to look it up there.

It is now: 

I love Wikis.

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