Sunday, August 12, 2007

How Toddlers Are Like Terrorists

Disclaimer: This post is neither meant as advise on how to deal with toddlers (of which I have limited experience) nor how to deal with terrorists (of which I have none), and it does not seek to make fun of terrorism: it is merely one parent's observations:

How toddlers are like terrorists:

  • They have selfish, sometimes quite irrational demands
  • They speak their own language
  • They can be tenacious, and operating on a time schedule all of their own, they try to wear you down
  • Attempts at communication, or negotiation, are often futile
  • If you do negotiate, and give in to their selfish, irrational demands, they may just demand more
  • They act seemingly without conscience, with neither regard to values of material things, nor the peace of innocent bystanders

(All joking aside, apparently some security personnel the world over believe toddlers to actually be terrorists.)



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