Tuesday, March 11, 2008

OLPC: XP on the XO

So, my OLPC XO has been sitting on top of a bookshelf gathering dust for the past 2 months.  Besides the low WAF, the device, in its current form just isn't useful for me.  This is less a criticism of the XO than an admission that I am not the target demographic.

That said, I would like to actually use the thing again.  My primary issues with it, as is, are (off the top of my head):

  • No battery life management (I can't make it sleep - I have to turn it off)
  • Browser (90% of my use) is kludgey
  • I strongly dislike the Sugar interface in general
  • The e-book format buttons are not currently useful - I want to browse the web in e-book format, can't do that now
  • ..and of course the neon green which my wife hates.  (I guess maybe I could paint it...)

That's why I welcome the news that MS is introducing a version of Windows for the XO.  It's hard NOT to improve on what's there at present.

But of course, time will tell whether a) I can get it, and b) it'll be any better.

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