Monday, March 24, 2008

Rapid for SharePoint Mini-Review: Pass.

So I decided to finally test Rapid For SharePoint, and I have to say the results were a bit underwhelming.

It does let you set up a Taxonomy for an entire site (collection), and then you simply add the classification column to your list(s) to add it.  (It also has other unrelated features that I was not interested in and are not reviewed here.)

For instance when I added my classification column to a blog list, when I edit a post, I get a new AJAX based pop up for editing the taxonomy of my posts (I called my Taxonomy Tags):


So far so good. But this taxonomy edit field does NOT appear on New items. And when you try to add the column to a doc lib you get the following warning:


Also, there is no OOTB way to view items by classification – apparently that has to be done through content queries.  And finally, there is like zero documentation.

Bottom line – It's free (for up to 100 terms), and you get slightly more than what you pay for, but IMO this adds too much complexity and overhead for what it gives us. We’d be better off looking at other solutions, or coming up with one of our own. 

I think I'll try CKS:TagCloud next.

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