Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Electronics, condoms, and more electronics

So, for basically the same reason why I still dropped by CompUSA once in a while before they went out of business, I subscribe to's Weekly Deals.  Half the time I end up deleting the email before reading it.  This week, however, the ingenious marketers in charge not only made me open the email, they made me BLOG about it. Yep - they're ingenious (worth repeating), and I - well, you already have an opinion as to what I am. 

Anywhoo - here's the subject that caught my eye:

2-Pk Hi-Fi Earphones = $10, Trojans = $10, Intel Dual-Core Notebook = $399.99,..

Yep, a 24-pack of ultra sensitive lubricated latex condoms can be yours for 10 bucks, free budget shipping included.  And no semi-embarrassing moment at CVS!

Seriously, I can't make up my mind if this is idiocy or genius.  Also, I'm curious how many hits this post will have...

Update:  Apparently it IS genius - and check it out - it has Tech Specs! (no reviews though):


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