Friday, February 13, 2009

Why I use Chrome

While checking her email on my computer yesterday, my wife asked me why I use “that Google POS browser” (Chrome).  I think she was annoyed that it was unfamiliar to her, and that it’s just the latest example of me doing something geeky that gets a bit on her non-geeky nerves.  Oh well – marital bliss... 

For the record (not that she would read this…), this is why I use Chrome:

  1. It is clean.  No clutter.  This actually matters.
  2. It is fast: Below are the results of the V8 Engine Benchmark scores.  Sure the benchmark is written by Google, sure it only measures JS performance, and sure it doesn’t mean that Chrome is 20x faster than IE8.  But it is faster, just as Firefox3 is noticeably faster than IE8:

Benchmark test results from run on my laptop

V8Benchmark_IE8 V8Benchmark_Firefox3 V8Benchmark_Chrome
IE 8.0.6001 Firefox 3.0.6 Chrome 1.0.154

Now if only Chrome was as extensible as Firefox is, and if only people would start writing standards compliant html and JavaScript (people = Microsoft, really – SharePoint and OWA are the two biggies), then I would ONLY use Chrome.  As is I’m stuck with all three.  Sigh.

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