Wednesday, April 01, 2009

AIM’s FishBots a.k.a. project upstream

Annoying/Amusing – take your pick: I have received random IMs from “(SomeWord)Coho” (fronting for some actual real person using AIM) on and off the past few months – the latest was earlier today and went like this:

(3:55:43 PM) complexcoho Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness?
(3:56:04 PM) (My AIM name) ah, ComplexCoho, you strike again
(3:56:21 PM) complexcoho ?
(3:56:27 PM) complexcoho yellow on yellow?
(3:56:35 PM) complexcoho into golden showers or something?
(3:57:21 PM) (My AIM name) as enticing as that sounds your im wires are crossed - best of luck with whomever you're trying to get with:
(3:58:00 PM) complexcoho just wondering why you are messaging me
(3:58:03 PM) complexcoho in all yellow
(3:58:06 PM) complexcoho hard to read
(3:58:10 PM) complexcoho and random

A previous conversation:

(2:46:53 PM) ironedcoho So... trebuchets.
(2:47:20 PM) (My AIM name) yes, quite nice in medieval warfare
(2:47:26 PM) (My AIM name) not so useful anymore
(2:48:06 PM) ironedcoho Not true. I get medieval at least twice a week
(2:48:15 PM) ironedcoho do you like goats btw?
(2:48:29 PM) (My AIM name) depends on their attitude


  1. Somewhere out there someone is quite proud of themselves for increasing the entropy of the universe.
  2. It’s amazing how quickly sexual references pop up when two strangers converse anonymously – note that I did not initiate either one…

More info on the Fishbots:

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  • I got one today for the first time. I thought it was cool. I haven't talked to a stranger on the Internet since 1995-ish when I was calling bulletin boards. I hope my "coho" enjoyed the exchange, too!

    By Blogger Lisa, at Saturday, August 08, 2009 10:06:00 PM  

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