Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The one dollar experiment

Emily Chang posted a link to the site on her excellent eHub blog. This is one of those it's-so-stupid-that-it-might-actually-work ideas, like the million dollar homepage, which I followed with ever increasing annoyance last fall (annoyed that I didn't have the idea first, that is).

The way these sites work, of course, is that they build buzz, the buzz atracts advertisers, and that creates revenue, which because it's-so-stupid-that-it-really-shouldn't-work, builds more buzz, and the cycle continues until it becomes old and boring and the advertisers give up.

Given that this blog attracts all of 11 people per day on average, I figured - what the heck - let's bet a dollar to see if the buzz-machine actually works. Not that I'm generating any money at all off this blog, so it's purely a social experiment: I am now one of's bosses. For a month at least.

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