Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Update on the one dollar experiment

In the one dollar experiment I decided to bet a dollar on George, the guy. While possibly not as popular a site as George would have liked, he's still managed to snarf up 79 bosses, and therefore at least $79 (his salary can be paid one month at a time - as I did).

So what have I got for the dollar? According to my MapStats statistics, over the last week I have received a whopping 43 visitor-referrals from the, his blog, or people searching for the monthlydollar. While hardly a lot, it has boosted my average number of visitors from 11 to 20, and it has been less than 2.5 cent per referral. I have also been visited by the me-too fairy, with a comment pointing to a shameless european copycat version of the site...

Below is the stats from Site Meter - you can see the spike on the 26th when I hired George:

So has it been worth it? It's been moderately interesting, for sure. We'll see how it pans out in a month or so.


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