Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No more links (on this blog)

I started this blog to serve as a pensieve, occasional soap box, and to a limited amount, public diary.  (Mostly of course it's just been me, alone, shouting in the wilderness.)  I quickly realized that a blog was not the best forum for storing simple links to other resources, but it wasn't until came along that I found something better.

As my habit took over, I blogged less, and so to compensate, and in an attempt to not make the blog seem stale, I rigged up a way to take my daily collection of links tagged at and post them to this blog.

The result has been a lot more posts, but the vast majority of the posts have been boring regurgitations of links to pages, mostly without context or organization.  It's gotten bad enough that actual, real posts are getting lost in the noise.

So enough.  My links are at and will stay there, and will be used solely for blog posts.

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