Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dell: "One year" = One year minus 24 hrs

Apparently my home computer shipped on 07/31/07 - a year ago, today.  Since I had a one year warranty, all logic dictates that that warranty should expire on 07/30/08, yesterday.

Fine, Dell agrees...  Except Dell claims the warranty expired at midnight, the morning/beginning of 07/30/08, not midnight, the evening/end of 07/30/08, as should be correct.

I had fun trying to explain that my warranty should still be in effect to the Indian helpdesk staff at Dell last night, considering a) their computers told me my warranty had expired, and b) they were already a day ahead (07/31/08) by the time I called them from the US. 

In the end, after talking to three people my warranty was indeed honored, but some developer should go back and check his/her date and time calculations...  I wonder if the mistake was using 365 days as a year (this year being a leap year) or if they just couldn't figure out the correct logic...

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