Thursday, July 17, 2008

MOSS: "an Adventure"

I'm tired of ranting about this myself, so below follows choice excerpts of fallenRogue's goodread about other developers' SharePoint complaints (i.e. what the courts call hearsay).

From SharePoint Development is an Adventure!

There is an amazing amount of pain that developers in the .net space are experiencing with SharePoint development.

He turns to me and screams “You’re doing WHAT?! SharePoint sucks! It sucks so hard! Why the fuck would you even do that!?” [...] I get these types of reactions often.

There is a lot of pissing and moaning on the internet these days about SharePoint as a bad development platform. Really? Well, it’s not developer centric, I’ll give you that.

...when the developer, perhaps an expert in, tries SharePoint and sees the poor tooling, documentation or worse finds one of the many bugs in the Object Model they throw their hands in the air and walk away from the table.

...the difference [between SharePoint and] is that SharePoint is a platform that is usually endorsed by the enterprise. Meaning, the developer is thrust into the environment and expected to perform at the same level that they have in the past with; after all, the Microsoft rep assured the management team that the learning curve would be low considering the platform is “just”.

The above is an altogether unfair set of negative excerpts, so I'll include some positive ones as well:

it is a rich and rewarding platform that has more to offer than most are giving it credit for. [...] nothing worth having isn’t without some effort. [...] lighten up a bit and enjoy life. ;)

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