Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twitter Conversations: More fun with Yahoo Pipes

Lets imagine that you can’t actually do all of this directly in Twitter Search like this:

(Now contrived) How To follows:

I stumbled upon an impromptu (or so they claim) twitter interview between Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) of ABC and Sen. John McCain (@senjohnmccain).  Unfortunately, short of following both of them, it was hard to get a gist of the actual conversation – I tried the Conversation view on Twitter Search, and a couple of other services, like Tweader (appears broken) and Quotably (dead).

Twitter Search has an advanced search/allows parameters to specify searching for tweets from one person to another, but that only gives you half a conversation.  And as far as I can tell, Twitter search doesn’t allow multiple from:/to: pairs.  Enter Yahoo Pipes’ union module:

This module merges up to five separate sources of items into a single list of items.

Since Twitter Search results can be had in both Atom and RSS flavor, this means we’re good to go:

…and this is where I discovered that you could indeed do duplex conversation searches in twitter search, so the rest of this will be short…

See; click View Source or Clone to play with it (requires Yahoo id).

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