Wednesday, February 25, 2004 Copying, Cloning, and Marshalling in .NET [Nov. 25, 2002]

Here's a rather annoying issue I encountered today when trying to write a CodeSmith entity template and needing to do a deep copy
>Copying, Cloning, and Marshalling in .NET by Shawn Van Ness -- Even after spending the last few years with the C# language, Shawn Van Ness recently found it worthwhile to step back and analyze what happens in some very simple scenarios, such as copying a value from one variable to another, or passing those variables as arguments to a method call. And that is the focus of this article.

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well, that makes me 77% good....

(Stupid) super-scientific survey of my little blog's level of evil-ness: This site is certified 23% EVIL by the Gematriculator


Monday, February 23, 2004

CodeSmith 2.5 released

I've become addicted to CodeSmith. It is just sooo much more gratifying to spend a couple of hours or days in one single block of time to write a template than it is to sporadically, but repetitivley, spend 10-15 minutes doing the same damn thing. In the long run, I also do end up saving time. Here are some of my own templates:
  • StoredProcWrapper - strongly typed wrapper around a stored procedure call using the MS DAAB and optionally NullableTypes
  • CRUDProcs - Create, Read, Update and Delete stored procedures based on a database table
  • StoredProcedureDescriptions - Extracts inline comments and add them to the Extended properties of stored procedures and their parameters
  • AddDropColumn - Add or drop a column from one or more tables

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

About time

From C|Net RIAA sued under gang laws | CNET
"Bottom line: This is one of just a handful of countersuits. Even critics of the RIAA view it as a long-shot but one worth trying, and a sign that lawyers are working on arguments against the RIAA. "

Friday, February 13, 2004

Happy Tree Friends

Ooooooh!... So wonderfully cute and sadistic. Warning. Children should not watch - period. Teenagers will love it though.

Wasting Time

...but having fun doing it: drummachine is a new Flashmovie coming out in May. The intro itself is pretty darn cool. This Is Broken is an accumulation of lots of people's pet peeves... ... and that site led me to Eyesore of the Month, which most of the time hits the mark. Nice to actually surf the web again, for once.