Friday, August 24, 2007

MOSS: SPQuery CAN recurse through folder structures

This is for Patrick Tisseghem, whose blog throws an "Out of Memory" exception when trying to leave comments, and with thanks to Nick who pointed me to the solution in the first place:

SPQuery, in it's default state will only query items in a given folder, by default the root of a list.  This means that, without tweaking, SPQuery would be useless for most queries on DocumentLibraries, as these often contain folders.

But, have a look at Nick's comment to this post by Michael Hofer: Implementing SPSiteDataQuery - Learning by doing

It is perfectly possible to recurse folders by setting
ViewAttributes = "Scope=\"Recursive\"";

(Or if you also want to query the folder-type list items, use "RecursiveAll".)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No more links (on this blog)

I started this blog to serve as a pensieve, occasional soap box, and to a limited amount, public diary.  (Mostly of course it's just been me, alone, shouting in the wilderness.)  I quickly realized that a blog was not the best forum for storing simple links to other resources, but it wasn't until came along that I found something better.

As my habit took over, I blogged less, and so to compensate, and in an attempt to not make the blog seem stale, I rigged up a way to take my daily collection of links tagged at and post them to this blog.

The result has been a lot more posts, but the vast majority of the posts have been boring regurgitations of links to pages, mostly without context or organization.  It's gotten bad enough that actual, real posts are getting lost in the noise.

So enough.  My links are at and will stay there, and will be used solely for blog posts.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

MOSS: My new favorite MOSS Utility: SharePoint Manager 2007

While I've been enjoying using echo's SharePoint Spy for a while now, and how it lets me easily view MOSS object properties and schemas, I have been lately wishing for a tool that would let me UPDATE the properties, not just read them.  Do stuff like turning a view from hidden to visible, unsealing fields, modifying a field’s ShowInXXXForm settings, etc, etc.

Turns out that tool has been available since January: SharePoint Manager 2007.

Make sure you Use the “View – Object Model – Full” option to get to the nitty gritty useful stuff.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

How Toddlers Are Like Terrorists

Disclaimer: This post is neither meant as advise on how to deal with toddlers (of which I have limited experience) nor how to deal with terrorists (of which I have none), and it does not seek to make fun of terrorism: it is merely one parent's observations:

How toddlers are like terrorists:

  • They have selfish, sometimes quite irrational demands
  • They speak their own language
  • They can be tenacious, and operating on a time schedule all of their own, they try to wear you down
  • Attempts at communication, or negotiation, are often futile
  • If you do negotiate, and give in to their selfish, irrational demands, they may just demand more
  • They act seemingly without conscience, with neither regard to values of material things, nor the peace of innocent bystanders

(All joking aside, apparently some security personnel the world over believe toddlers to actually be terrorists.)