Tuesday, August 24, 2010

iPad Mockups To Go

After using the heck out of Peldi’s (here and here) and Simon Herd’s (here) original templates for Balsamiq iPad mockups, I decided to give back to the community by creating some templates that I found were missing:

The iPad Portrait and iPad Landscape templates are 1:1 scale iPad mockups, with an inner frame with 1024x768 resolution.  I assembled the frame of the iPad piecemeal, so as to leave a “hole” in the middle, for your content to shine through.  This is something I sorely missed with Peldi’s templates, forcing me to do far too much work in Paint.Net, manipulating my images to fit his frame exactly.

Complementing these is my iPad Keyboards template.  If you’re already using one of the above templates, this one isn’t necessary, but if you want to use Peldi’s templates, my template will come in handy.  It's simply the iPad keyboard as Simon Herd originally created it, but in 4 different resolutions, with minor corrections:


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