Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mission Failure

Just read a notice from BlackBerry that there is a software update for my phone.  Not only did they completely gfail to sell me on the upgrade (what’s new?), they inject such a barrage of technical-ese that anyone’s eyes would glaze over.

Something tells me Apple would not have sent the same kind of email – see highlighted section below…

BlackBerry Software Update Notification
Update Today!
What else can your BlackBerry® smartphone do for you?

Find out when you update to the latest smartphone software! This free update is ready and waiting to help you do more with your BlackBerry smartphone. To update today visit

New ways to work and play!

   * As an aid to comprehension, this section provides a brief overview of the life-cycle of a device upgrade.  * Each OTASL capable device will contain one or more OTASL Service Records(SR) each identifying a Device Manager (DM). The DM may be located at RIM, may be part of a BES or, in future, could be associated with a 3rd party application provider. Each SR will identify the applications which are of interest to the corresponding DM. SRs may be delivered by PRV, BES or in an upgrade application loaded OTA. … (it goes on, but there’s no point).

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